Six Pre-conference Workshops

Tue, September 06 2016

Whether you are just getting your feet wet with Domain-Driven Design, or looking to advance your skillset, we have something for you. On Jan 31 and Feb 1, right before the conference, we've planned 5 two-day workshops, and a single day workshop. Never before has such a group of DDD experts gathered in one place to teach these classes.

  • For a thorough, hands-on introduction to DDD, we're repeating last year's surprise hit workshop "Essential Domain-Driven Design" by Paul Rayner
  • Udi Dahan is one of the world’s foremost experts on Service-Oriented Architecture and Domain-Driven Design. He'll teach you how to build Microservices, using examples in NServiceBus.
  • For Domain-Driven Design Europe, Alberto Brandolini's is extending his EventStorming workshop to a two day Master Class.
  • Greg Young, the inventor of CQRS, is preparing a brand-new two day class especially for Domain-Driven Design Europe, on building your own Event Sourced Process Managers.
  • If you're interested in Functional Programming, check out Jérémie Chassaing's workshop on Functional Event Sourcing.
  • Want to find out how to discover better opportunities in your models? Explore the heuristics for better modelling and decomposition in Mathias Verraes' workshop.

Tickets for the workshops are available at €1399 (two days) and €699 (single day). But because we like you so much, you can get Early Bird Tickets until the end of September at €1199 (two days) and €599 (single day).


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