Pick your DDD Europe preferred hands-on sessions now

Wed, January 18 2017

Besides talks, Domain-Driven Design Europe 2017 also features hands-on sessions. These are highly practical 2h workshops in small groups, under the guidance of an experienced speaker.

To avoid queuing during the event:

  1. Find your preferred hands-on sessions for Feb 2 and Feb 3.
  2. Before January 20 at 17:00 CET, submit your picks, using the link in the e-mail we sent to all ticket holders.
  3. Soon after, you'll be assigned a session and get a confirmation.

Please note:

  • We might make some small adjustments in the schedule before the event.
  • Some sessions require you to bring a laptop, pre-install software, or have prerequisite knowledge. See the hands-on descriptions.
  • Ignore this e-mail if you do not wish to join a hands-on.

If you didn't get the e-mail:

  • Check your spam folder;
  • Ask your colleague who placed the order;
  • Get in touch at contact@dddeurope.com.

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