Stijn Volders

Stijn Volders


@ONE75 · Belgium


Stijn is a freelance consultant and entrepreneur. He loves to build customer driven software to solve real problems.


Micro models! Mind games for DDD enthusiasts

Every once in a while you encounter a challenging modelling problem in your domain. The kind of problem that needs a few iterations to become something simple and elegant.

In this workshop, I'll present real-life problems from different domains to solve. What would be the solution of the smart crowd? How many models can you find?

I'll share the implemented solution and we'll compare that with the results from the workshop. What are the pros and cons?

During this workshop you get the opportunity to exercise your modelling skills and learn from experienced domain modelers. You'll get inspiration and fresh ideas to apply on your own domain

Mel Conway

Inventor, Educator, Author of “Conway's Law”

Eric Evans

Author of “Domain-Driven Design”

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Responsibility-Driven Design

Udi Dahan

Founder of NServiceBus

Prof. David West

Author of “Object Thinking”

Weronika Łabaj


Jimmy Nilsson

Author of “Applying DDD & Patterns”

Debasish Ghosh

Functional and Algebraic Domain Modeling

Nick Tune

Co-author of “Patterns, Principles and Practices of DDD”

Greg Young

Creator of CQRS

Alberto Brandolini

Inventor of “EventStorming”

Felienne Hermans

Author of "Grokking Computational Logic"

Marijn Huizendveld

Nerd in a suit

Michel Grootjans


Stijn Volders


Edwin van Wijk

Software Architect

Vaughn Vernon

Author, consultant, trainer

Nicole Rauch

Software Developer and Development Coach

Thomas Ploch

Infinite State Machine

Robert Smallshire

Modeller of domains, systems and processes

Cyrille Martraire

Deliberate Designer

Arnaud Bailly

Event Sourcing, Functionally

Paul Rayner

Leading DDD and BDD practitioner

Ken Power

Complexity Navigator

Oana Juncu

Agile Business DJ

Avraham Poupko

Technical leader

Romeu Moura

Reasoned Schemer

Jérémie Chassaing

Software Gardener

Mathias Verraes

Student of Systems

Yves Reynhout

The Journeylist

Scott Wlaschin

Creator of

Allard Buijze

Pragmatic modeller, creator of AxonFramework

Yves Lorphelin

Loves Chaos & Failures

Andra Sonea

Solutions Architect, Financial Services

Thomas Coopman


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