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Dion Stewart has over twenty-five years experience coaching, teaching, writing, and developing software. He helps organizations adopt Agile and Lean methods, DevOps, distributed architecture, and product discovery practices. For the past three years, he has been helping organizations create immersive learning environments called Dojos. Before becoming a full-time coach, he worked as an application architect and developer practicing test-driven development, pair programming and other agile practices. As a Smalltalk developer, he's been a fan of DDD since the Eric Evan's book was first released. For more information, visit dojoandco.com.

Driving DDD with User Story Mapping (Hands-on)

In his book User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product, Jeff Patton explains how to write better stories by creating story maps. Story maps foster better collaboration within and across teams, leading to shared understanding about the product.
Dion Stewart learned story mapping from Jeff Patton and David Hussman six years ago. After using story mapping on a product as a developer, he was hooked. As a coach, Dion has taught story mapping to dozens of organizations. Along the way, story mapping has evolved.
Dion explores how teams are using annotated journeys with story maps to drive modeling discussions around testing, ensuring outcomes and key results can be met, and how annotated journeys have most recently been used in applying domain driven design.
Topics include:
• Story mapping basics
• User journeys
• Annotations for testing
• Ensuring outcomes/key results
• Using user journeys to drive collaboration around DDD concepts (ubiquitous language, defining the domain, evolving the model, and establishing context)
• Defining bounded contexts
• Identifying core and extended data attributes
• Understanding the rate at which data changes over time

Product Discovery, Product Framing, and Product Delivery (Workshop)

This is a pre-conference workshop. Click for details.

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