Greg Young

Greg Young

Creator of CQRS
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Gregory Young coined the term “CQRS” (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and it was instantly picked up by the community who have elaborated upon it ever since. Greg is an independent consultant and serial entrepreneur. He has 15+ years of varied experience in computer science from embedded operating systems to business systems and he brings a pragmatic and often times unusual viewpoint to discussions. He’s a frequent contributor to InfoQ, speaker/trainer at Skills Matter and also a well-known speaker at international conferences. Greg also writes about CQRS, DDD and other hot topics on

DDD The Bad Parts (Workshop)

Everyone should use DDD all of the time for everything! There are no problems that ever come up nor any need for other methodologies. This session will look at how you can implement DDD on every project you will ever work on and might possibly mention some places where that might be a problem.

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