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Jacopo Romei

Freelance glider pilot
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In 2003 I spotted new agile ways to develop software and, as a young entrepreneur I gave them a try. I introduced agile in eBay Italia, Siemens and FAO but in 2011 I realized the problem often is in organisations’ governance and in the agreements we negotiate. This led me to become a member of the board of European Organisation Design Forum (EODF).

Usually I get hired by people who want to waste less time, money and enthusiasm. I help those people working together in better ways because that’s a big chunk of our lives.

I wrote a few books: “Pro PHP Refactoring”, a TDD chapter in “PHP Best Practices” and “Extreme Contracts” in 2017, on contracts and negotiation in knowledge work. I also contributed to a couple of books written by Jurgen Appelo.

I am among the founders of ALE Agile Lean Europe network, PHP User Group Roma and Arduino User Group Roma.

I’ve got a sailing license because of the sea, a glider pilot license because of the sky and I am an LSP facilitator certified by Lucio Margulis.

Extreme Contracts (Workshop)

Developers, UX designers, project managers – as long as visual designers, business analysts, engineers, copywriters and so forth – could base their agreements on a win-win strategy, but more often than not they end up tied in win-losedeals, by which either the customer or the vendor — or both! — don’t get full satisfaction.

We are on a borderline: on one hand we try to predict all possible failure conditions, on the other hand we need to design solutions in real time for our continuously evolving scenarios. Complicated devices to map and address a complex problem: no way.

Not to mention the real painpoint: we write and sign contracts because we don’t trust our vendor or our customer — who has abused of our patience more than once — but we never address this problem!

If we could distill the common traits shared by all successful contracts, why not making them explicit and then push them top-notch, to the extreme? This is what Extreme Contracts are!

In this session we won’t see too much theory and we won’t look for a one-size-fits-all recipe, pretending it may be valid for all scenarios. By means of real life war stories, hands-on activities and serious games we will rather find guiding principles and try tools to unbundle the several drivers influencing our agreements and aim for the real goal: create agreements to work more easily with our customers and vendors.

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