Joop Lammerts

Joop Lammerts

Scrum developer at Procurios
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Joop Lammerts has been a webdeveloper since the beginning of web 2.0. After working in solitude for ages he now finds himself surrounded by enthusiastic colleagues. Developer and Scrum Master at Procurios, Formula One and music enthusiast at home.

Explore.Decide.Solutions (Workshop)

Wish to do more Event Storming, but find it hard to get the storm going? During this hands on you will learn how to start an Event Storm and how to get domain experts to participate.

Working together can be difficult. But by explicitly diverging and converging we can structure the session: explore the domain, make decisions and discover solutions.

With the Double Design Diamond approach you are able to direct the Event Storm to a meaningful result. Learn how a structured storm can lift the fog. At the end of this session you are able to lead an Event Storm from start to finish.

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