Marco Consolaro

Marco Consolaro

Independent senior consultant, director of Alcortech Limited
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· Bounded rationality, complex Systems and Agile organizations


Software craftsman, entrepreneur, system thinker, restless traveler, Agile philosopher - all blended with Venetian humor.
I was 9 when I self-learnt Basic on a commodore 64. I graduated in Computer Science at University Ca’ Foscari of Venice in 2001 and since 2006 I relocated to London where I work as an independent consultant specialised in Agile development and coaching. I worked for 17 years in key roles of development teams for companies like Yoox, Asos, Itv, Volkswagen Financial Services, 7Digital, Codurance and I founded Pantry Ace, award winning startup in Foodtech. Recently I have been focused in System Thinking and found many common principles relating to Agile as far as I prepared a talk which has received so far an encouraging feedback's when I presented it in London at Skills Matter ( as far as I presented it also to Trento’s Mini italian agile day in March (
Author of "Agile technical practices distilled, A Journey Toward Mastering Software Design" (

Bounded rationality, complex Systems and Agile organizations (Workshop)

"Human beings make quite reasonably decisions, but only based on the information they have." This is the concept of bounded rationality, as defined by Nobel prize Herbert Simon. If we look at Agile principles and practices from a systemic perspective, they focus on maximize rationality boundaries related to the product we are building. However, the whole organization and its teams are interacting complex systems which follow the very same principles of Systems Theory. Bounded rationality plays a subtle but fundamental role in every System, beyond just development teams. In this talk I will try to explain how Systems Theory can help organizations and why motivation is the key of success in complex Systems made by human beings.

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