Oana Juncu

Oana Juncu

Agile Business DJ @ cOemerge
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Oana works with people willing to transform to a more thriving version of their organisations and their products . iShe likes to describe herself an an Agile Business DJ who mixes whatever practices make people proud of their outcomes and delight their customers.

Design Ecological Communication (Workshop)

Design of human interactions is the most complex design. One of the foundation principles of Agile Manifesto says "We value People interactions over following a process". Then, how much do we nurture and foster the quality of these interactions? In this hands-on session, participants will discover Thomas Gordon's "Green-Red" communication approach aimed to support the development of sounder relationships between people. We all have a stake in building process of purposeful products and impactful organisations. The quality of our relationship matters. This workshop's intention is let participants enjoy an Ecological perspective of our managed human interdependencies. The agenda will contain a brief descriptions of the model then participants will experiment the 4 possible situation than we can encounter in a interaction/ communication situation.

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