Sabrina Leandro

Sabrina Leandro

Technical leadership consultant
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Sabrina is a technical leader with strong experience in product development process, systems design, and management.

She enjoys working with cross-functional teams, designing useful and delightful products, while focusing on code quality and good software design practices.

Sabrina is former VP of Tech at Songkick and most recently she has been working with companies to improve their tech and processes.

How to rewrite, a bit at a time (Talk)

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to deliver new features because of unnecessarily complicated code. A fast deployment pipeline is of no use if the code itself is too hard and slow to change.

You may decide it’s time to throw it all away and start over… and what began full of optimism, drags on for months and years, adding even more complexity and various levels of legacy.

It doesn’t have to be this way! In this presentation, you’ll hear a first-hand experience of how to approach technical debt in an iterative way. This talk will teach you lessons on how to start, and most importantly, finish a big rewrite project.

You will learn how to approach the conversation with the “business”, avoid the most common pitfalls when changing the architecture of a complex codebase, and ensure the rewrite brings value from the start till the very happy end.

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