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Steph Locke leads a life of data, coffee, books and board games. During the day, Steph runs her own consultancy helping people start doing data science. Steph enjoys being her own gal as it means she gets to spend plenty of time building communities to provide platforms for people to help each other be better with data.

Anchor Modelling - agile databases (Workshop)

Anchor Modelling is a fantastic database modelling paradigm that uses sixth normal form (6NF) to store data and provides third normal form (3NF) views for ease of use.

This session deep dives into all the concepts behind Anchor Modelling (and indeed databases generally!) and then takes you through how Anchor Modelling uses these concepts to move away from the traditional data warehouse paradigm to deliver a purely additive, agile database.

Networks, graphs, and structures visualised in R (Workshop)

It can be difficult understanding how things fit together through a spreadsheet or a static Visio diagram.

This hands-on coding workshop takes you through structuring your information, preparing it, and visualising it in both static and interactive methods to help you understand how things connect.

We'll start with the basics of ingesting data, good practices, and more so you don't need to have used R before the day, but you will want to use R afterward. We'll put everything in a lab environment online so you won't need things installed on your machine, but if you'd like to work on your machine, install R and RStudio.

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