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Thomas Coopman has been fascinated with computers since he was a kid. Playing around at first, became programming later and after learning some programming for himself and a small detour starting studies for nursing, he went on and studied Master of Informatics at the KULeuven.

Thomas is a polyglot and loves to learn new languages. His latest language studies have taken him to Elixir, Elm, Bucklescript and he has a special affinity for functional programming languages.

Thomas is an independent software engineer and consultant focused on the full stack: frontend, backend and mostly people, practices and processes. Thomas is also currently active in the DDD Belgium and Software Craftsmanship Belgium community.

Exploring domain properties (Workshop)

A lot of times event storming stops after you modeled some events, rules and commands. How many times did you actually take the effort to go deeper and try to actively discover what impact different rules and laws can have on your model? How many times did model different solutions for the same rule and law, and if you did model different solutions, did you really model the same domain rule?
In this session we'll be modeling a domain with event storming and try to discover how different laws and rules can influence the modeled solutions. We'll try to be explicit in our modeling and see how the decisions we make have an impact on the model but also on choices for the business. With some different heuristics we'll guide you in alternatives between design decisions and how these decisions can influence the modeled solution.
Can we find out if the solution you modeled differs from the domain laws and what effect a different solution has?

Some experience with event storming/sourcing would be nice but is not strictly necessary.

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