Wim Debreuck

Wim Debreuck

Mission: To explore strange new Behavior - To seek out new Specification and new Business Value - To boldly Design New Systems where it matters
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Business Analist and founder of software engineering company Debreuck Neirynck. We construct niche systems involving complex planning & calculation demands.
Recent projects:
Insurance platform for diamand industry antwerp.
Backend engine for Graphius group.
Vendor management Inventory system.

Certified Volére
Speaker at BA & Beyond Antwerp 2018
Member IIBA


Old School System Dynamics in a Data Science First World (Workshop)

How to use a pre-software-age science in new-school software-design where data is everywhere and cheap.

In the talk i'll be covering :
- what is system dynamics and what is it's value in today's application models
- how can use the (same) model for simulation and production monitoring : added value of this kind of monitoring
- presenting an simple example case, and one real life model used by Bridgestone
- the concept of SD model patterns
if possible try to elevate the examples with running model reacting on current twitter feeds (still thinking on that one)

the talk will also explain the difference between linear and non-linear event-stream, and how to incorporate both into a model.

the 'big message' is to not only design/model 'a process', but also to model the 'behavior of a process'. Something that is most often left to the helpdesk in a post-production-release era :)

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