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Craftsman developer, I love domains like security, artificial intelligence, electronic, serious games and craft! And I have a passion for dark cholocate obviously!
I was during a long time an functional analyst, in charge of closing the gap between business and developers.

Crafting Secure Software (Workshop)

The hands-on for the developers who have no time for security!

During this session, we will have the challenge to start a new business. But, take care, we will face evil hackers!

We'll consider technics like secure coding and secure by design and see how we can improve the security of our applications with some genius design by applying practices like TDD or DDD. At the end of the session, you will understand how weaknesses can sneak into your code and how you can craft quality and secure code.

And, maybe, you will find some "quick wins" to apply in the real life...

You will need to bring your own device. The session has a Java and c#/.net core versions.

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