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I like to solve problems and to write software that does that. I’ll flood you with sticky notes and call it #EventStorming. I run

Connecting all the dots (Talk, DDD Foundations 2020)
by Alberto Brandolini

There are so many ingredients for a good DDD recipe: people are talking code, architecture, business alignment, sociotechnical patterns, and everybody seem to know so much stuff.

What do we really need to start our journey into Domain-Driven Design in 2020? In this talk, we'll try to connect dots and present a possibly coherent holistic view of what DDD is and why the pieces matter.

EventStorming Master Class (Two Day Pre-conference Workshop)
by Alberto Brandolini

This is a pre-conference workshop. Click for details.

Rush to the goal (Hands-on Lab, Main Conference)
by Alberto Brandolini

Give me a domain I don't know, and I'll model it at maximum speed.

In this workshop, I'll model a domain I don't know, trying to deliver a consistent design-level EventStorming model within the given timeframe.

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