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Cyrille Martraire (@cyriux) is CTO and partner at Arolla (@ArollaFr), the founder of the Paris Software Craftsmanship community and a regular speaker at international conferences. With 17+ years of experience in startups, software vendors and banks, Cyrille still calls himself a developer. He's passionate about design in every aspect: TDD, BDD and in particular DDD.

Cyrille also has an extensive knowledge of capital market finance, and he's the author of the book Living Documentation to be published by Addison-Wesley Professional.

Bounded Contexts for Team Organization (Talk, DDD Foundations 2020)
by Cyrille Martraire

Since Conway's Law was discovered in the sixties, we know that the organisation structure and the system design it produces, are closely linked. Bounded Contexts can help us create better team autonomy, resulting in more effective software designs.

Monoids in Practice (Hands-on Lab, Main Conference)
by Cyrille Martraire

Monoids are easy to learn, and really useful to model many real-life business situations. Monoids are simple maths creatures, that you're familiar with without knowing it. In fact, the only difficult thing with monoids is their name. Still, how do you actually start using them in code?

Join Cyrille for this little workshop where you will be guided towards coding your own domain model powered by monoids, so that you can apply them at work the next day.

Expected Audience:

This workshop is for developers in any programming language, Java and equivalent being the sweet spot. You’ll code in your IDE (or with the IDE of your coding partner). A quick grasp of monoids would be ideal, but not necessary.

Key learning points:

- Revisit your understandings of (or discover) monoids
- Put monoids into practice through the Monoid Kata (or another even more difficult kata of your choice if you’re adventurous)
- Acknowledge the limits of the approach, and the relationships with other design patterns

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