Zsófia Herendi

Zsófia Herendi

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Zsófia is a Product Manager who has spent more than 14 years bringing developers and business people together, 10+ years working on different teams and 6+ years working in an agile environment. She is a skilled modeler with a passion for diagramming and an addiction to optimizing flow.

DDD for Domain Experts & Product Owners (Talk, DDD Foundations 2020)

Have you ever wondered what product people’s role is in DDD? Well, it is a key role because a product person needs to be aware with how the business works, the business strategy and its changes, and need to deliver this information to the team/s clearly in order for them to be able to solve problems that are really important for the business. Because teams are solving real business problems in DDD. But first teams need to learn more about the business to understand their problems and struggles. Who could be a better person than a product owner to share this with the team (derived all these information from the high level business model and strategy)?
What if people don’t want to know more than the bare minimum and they are not curious about the domain and business at all? We, product people need developers and everyone in the team to be willing to know more about the why’s. How do we do this? What is in our toolbox for this? You can learn more on this session and no matter you are a product person or developer you can get useful hints and tips there.

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